pattern: Muira Cowl . Olga Buraya-Kefelian . Knit Creations of a Curious Mind

yarn: Filatura di Crosa . Zarina Kid

My mom loved the original, so I gifted it to her. Then we came across a yarn/sewing store that’s been around since her childhood in the same location, so she gifted me this yarn. I finished it the day I left. So cuddly!

What really means a lot to me is that my grandma (who taught me to knit, though that story will get told some other time) knit a few stitches, just to show me her hand position, since I was curious. I refused to take them out, so I would always remember which ones they are. Now that she doesn’t knit, they are so precious to me. She also did a few in pattern for fun. Then I asked my mom to place a few stitches, and my dad did one too, even though neither knows how to knit.  I can find the little purls in a block of knits and know who made them!

It’s really special to me.

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