I got a lovely mixed-fibre batt from Hedgehog Fibres a few months ago and finally got around to spinning it up.  To tell the truth, I was worried since I hadn’t spun in a while, but this was super smooth-sailing.  Must be the fibres which were very smooth and lofty!

If I’d had enough singles I would have knit this new Cladonia from Kirsten Kapoor of Through The Loops, which is just stunning in a single color.

But it was only one batt.

What shall it become?

2011.05.31 08:38:47 | Posted in 2011, All, Knitting, Spinning
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2 Comments to “Handspun”

  1. This is lovely! It’s been a while since I’ve spun as well…

    enugu’s Caledinia is stunning in a solid colour – inspiring for sure!

  2. Thank you! I have schemes to make a provisional cast-on, knit the edging, then pick up and knit inwards as far as it will go… is this crazy?