It’s been such a long time…  The new job has been so busy, and given the choice I’ve spent a lot of time making and much less recording.


This is the Manu sweater by Kate Davies.  In the original form not something that I could ever wear.  But the neckline is so beautiful and then I saw this version by Ceylangul and had to make a try.

Lesson learned through the attempt: SWATCH!


I just wanted to cast on and knit it all up right away in an a-line version and all of this conspired to make an unflattering sweater if there ever was one.  The yarn is from my local yarn shop Gather Here (yes – I now have two local yarn shops, the other being Windsor Button near my work.)

There are so many things wrong with both how I envisioned the project and the execution…  It just doesn’t do justice.

pattern: (loosely based on) Manu . Kate Davies . Needled

yarn: walnut heather . 220 Sport . Cascade


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